Advisory Services

Codex Capital Advisory Services

Codex Capital’s works with its Investment Partners and their corporate interests, advising on a range of activities including:

  • M&A – buy and sell side advisory
  • Fundraising
  • Takeovers and defence
  • Strategic advisory
  • Capital markets

Buy and sell side advisory – advice to shareholders, management, companies and/or private equity on development of acquisition strategy; identification of potential targets/purchasers; valuation analysis; project and workflow management; co-ordination of sale process; negotiation on behalf of client; advice to board and/or shareholders on terms of transaction, liaison with and presentation to shareholders and related matters.

Fundraising – arranging capital investment for companies and transactions from a diverse range of alternative and, where relevant, mainstream funding sources and across all types of investment instrument.

Strategic advisory – advice on development of strategy; consideration of full or partial exits; advice on terms of proposed expansion capital investment; strategic reviews, including of potential funding options, restructuring and acquisition opportunities.

Capital markets – advice on raising capital at all stages of a company’s development from public and private markets; preparing for and executing an IPO, including assessment of suitability for listing and advice on action to best prepare and present the business; assistance in selection of key advisers.

Takeovers and defence – advance planning for unwelcome or unexpected approaches, whether from companies, private equity or shareholder groups; tactical and valuation analysis; advice on application of the UK Takeover Code.

“Codex Capital’s advisory business works principally with its Direct Investment division, Investment Partners and a select number of external clients in the UK and internationally”